Monday 27th June 2016

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I found out that the beetle was a wonderfully camouflaged Scarce fungus weevil (Anthribidae) one of the strangest looking beetles with a distinctive head shape. It is one of only eight UK representatives of the Anthribidae family, which are usually associated with rotting wood and fungi. Some prey on scale insects and other small invertebrates.

IMG_20160627_132055IMG_20160627_132100IMG_20160627_155120IMG_20160627_160321England-v-Iceland (9)England-v-Iceland (8)

England 1 Iceland 2

I have no idea what I have just witnessed? Even by Spurs standards England were just unfathomable? After Hart Fucked up yet again with yet another tournament goal keeping error the whole team went into shock. They never came out of it. What a terrible week for Britain. Only Wales have the passion that is so much needed at the moment.
But Heck those bloody Viking were brilliant the fans too were magnificent. See the England manager compared to the Italian manager. Passion, spirit and grit. We used to have all of this in our football. We have gone soft. They tried to play the game as if they were playing premier league top dollar football. Iceland played like it was Sunday morning at Hay Mills Park.

184083273Antonio Conte

England manager sits in seat bites nails scratches chin while Italian manager jumps on top of the dug out with passion. When the Italians sang their anthem you could see the passion. Not that I agree with the racist words We would have been banned from singing such a song.

Brothers of Italy,
Italy has awakened;
Scipio’s helmet
she has put on her head.
Where is the Victory?
Offer her the hair;
because slave of Rome
God created her.

Let us unite!
We are ready to die;
Italy called.

We have been for centuries
stamped on, and laughed at,
because we are not one people,
because we are divided.
Let’s unite under
one flag, one dream;
To melt together
Already the time has come.

Let us unite!
We are ready to die;
Italy called.

Let’s unite, let’s love;
The union and the love
Reveal to the people
God’s ways.
We swear to liberate
the native soil:
United, for God,
Who can beat us?

Let us unite!
We are ready to die;
Italy called.

From the Alps to Sicily,
Everywhere is Legnano;
Every man of Ferruccio
has the heart and the hand;
the children of Italy
are called Balilla;
The sound of every church bell
calling for evening prayers.

Let us unite!
We are ready to die;
Italy called.

They are branches that bend
the sold swords;
Already the eagle of Austria
has lost its feathers.
the blood of Italy
and the Polish blood
Drank with Cossacks
But its heart was burnt.

Let us unite!
We are ready to die;
Italy called.

England’s manager is paid £3.6 million a year. Iceland’s manager is a part-time dentist. What else can I say?  The rest of Europe must laughing and grinning and just having so much of a ball at our demise.

Its embarrassing to say the least. My poor Spurs players. I feel sorry for them. Why they did not perform as they can I have no idea? They just had no answers. None of them could string a simple pass together. All of them were utter rubbish. Slow. Dazed. Confused. it was astonishing.

Iceland were determined to give England a full on game and they did just that. England had no time like they do in the Premier League to swan about all over the pitch making lush passes. Their fans were magnificent. Well done to Iceland.

England-V-Iceland (7)England-V-Iceland (3)England-V-Iceland (6)

England suffered their worst humiliation since they were knocked out of the 1950 World Cup by USA in Brazil as Iceland shocked them in the last 16 of Euro 2016. Manager Roy Hodgson resigned after the abject embarrassment of losing to a nation ranked 34th in the world – and with a population of just 330,000 – despite taking the lead through Wayne Rooney’s fourth-minute penalty. Iceland equalised within a minute as England failed to deal with a trademark long throw and Ragnar Sigurdsson bundled home from close range.

England’s shameful performance was summed up by Iceland’s 18th-minute winner when goalkeeper Joe Hart was badly at fault – just as in the win over Wales as he let Kolbeinn Sigthorsson’s shot through his hand. Hodgson made changes as Iceland dug in, but the underdogs had as many chances as England before the final whistle blew on their Euro 2016 hopes and his four-year tenure as manager.

England-V-Iceland (5)England-V-Iceland (4)England-V-Iceland (2)England-v-Iceland

The ultimate responsibility lies with the manager but, make no mistake, he was badly let down by players capable of so much better – not just on this black night for English sport but throughout Euro 2016. Hart has had a nightmare tournament, young hopes such as Harry Kane and Dele Alli  I am not sure why they failed to live up to their performances last season, and captain Rooney, who had been England’s best player up until this game, chose this night to give one of his worst performances in an international. England were shown up by the work-rate, desire and sheer physical commitment of their counterparts. Yes, Hodgson will take the blame and has paid the price but these highly paid Premier League players should not escape criticism. As the game went on, Hodgson cut a detached figure, seemingly powerless to influence the game – and he waited too long to introduce the fearless pace and direct running of Marcus Rashford, who posed more problems in four minutes than most of those who had gone before.

These pictures after the defeat say it all. Football? What football? Why should it really bother us. We are Elite.

NINTCHDBPICT000248000326England v Iceland UEFA Euro 2016

Italy 1924 Anthem

Hail, people of heroes,
Hail, immortal Fatherland,
Your sons were born again
With the faith and the Ideal.
Your warriors’ valour,
Your pioneers’ virtue,
Alighieri’s vision,
Today shines in every heart
Youth, Youth,
Spring of beauty,
In the hardship of life
Your song rings and goes!
And for Benito Mussolini,
Eja eja alalà
And for our beautiful Fatherland,
Eja eja alalà
In the Italian borders,
Italians have been remade
Mussolini has remade them
For tomorrow’s war,
For labour’s glory,
For peace and for the laurel,
For the shame of those
Who repudiated our Fatherland
The poets and the artisans,
The lords and the countrymen,
With an Italian’s pride
Swear fealty to Mussolini
No poor neighbourhood exists
That doesn’t send its hordes
That doesn’t unfurl the flags
Of redeeming Fascism


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