Friday 23rd September 2016

I am really having problems getting my head together after another night of terrible dreams one in which my mobile phone fell in half while trying to call Lily.

She had left me by a bench and told me NOT to wonder off!!!!!!!
Well I had and when I returned to the bench there were signs of her being there…
I was trying to call when the phone melted in half right before my eyes…

I have been in London since last Saturday and I am sure you know how that can turn an old mans head. I need to remember where I am and what I am doing next. Tonight it’s John Lodge in Stratford upon Avon. Tomorrow Justin Hayward in Wolverhampton! Next week it’s John Lodge in Brum. I need to do my blog feed the pigs do some work and have a wash. The Field has to be walked as the farmer has raked it over. The report on Hampton has to be written but it can wait.

Well it would be nice to have tea and cake and show John and the band around olde Stratford which I am sure he used to cycle to also. But I guess they are busy its a hard life being a Rock Legend. but I will be at the gig and thats good enough as I have never had a Moody Blues Legend this close to home playing in a show at any time previous 5 miles is very close.


Broken Dreams, Hard Road

John Lodge

I looked everywhere
Thought that I would find you thro’ the night
Shadows dancing in the moonlight
Broken dreams, hard road
Wish I could write of the love I have known in my lifetime
Wish I could find just one word, one small line
When I’m down the world has gone and changed it’s face
The world has gone and changed it’s place
While we were dreaming for the human race
I know I’ve been down this road many times
Many ways in my lifetime
And somehow the path that you’ve walked in your life
Has led to me
Your love has gone and changed my world
Your love has changed the world I see
While I was waiting
You came to me
I looked everywhere
Knew that I would find you
Thro’ the night shadows dancing in the moonlight
Broken dreams, hard road
Hard, hard road, hard road
Hard, hard road
Hard, hard road, hard road
Hard, hard road
Hard, hard road, hard road
Hard, hard road.


I have had some very special moments with members of The Moody Blues past and present. I was nearly run over by them in a limo as they pulled around the back of The Odeon in New Street in Birmingham. It was lashing with rain and I had just bought a ticket on the street. I was trying to see if I could speak with the band backstage when they pulled into the alley and I had to jump out of the way. It was the band and they waved an apology this was December 1969.


Then I met with John and Justin at the Threshold store in the Bull Ring Centre Birmingham Blue Jays 1975. Tony Clarke was with them and I had a nice chat with him he also signed a photograph. Tongue tied as usual I just quickly said hello to John and Justin and moved away. No camera. The Blue Jays tour was magnificent.

1978 was obviously the big special moment met with the entire band backstage at Madison Square Garden. Before the 1979 tour I was in Threhold when John popped his head around the door and we spoke briefly about the flight to Vancouver and how I could deal with my air sickness. I had only ever flown once before and that was the New York flight. 1979 was in Seattle and Vancouver meeting the band again backstage in Seattle.


I then met the band a few times at Christmas parties and video shoots.
All of these meetings I never really said more than thanks and how much we loved them. I gathered more and more friends as we travelled about friends that I still see at gigs today. I would meet and great say hello and return to my own world. Now there is social media and I connect with many, many of these friends from all the corners of the planet. Some of my friends have passed away and I wish they were still travelling with us.


Seeing them in the Netherlands at Amsterdam with the many moody fans is also the best of fun. I always sing Question as loud as I can. Singing Question with the boys is just the very best thing.

I was in Swindon thanks to Yvonne and Jan Bouten from the Netherlands to see Justin’s solo gig and we had a truly smashing day meeting new and old friends. I stood back not speaking with Justin to allow others to say hello how silly I was.

Canada tour with Wade Marwood who sat behind me in Swindon. We were on Highway 1 driving in our rented Fiat 500 from Vancouver to Calgary and back. In fact I got a speeding ticket just outside of Calgary. The Bear came across the freeway jumping the central reservation to catch us.

I have met with Tomo and his wife Lee twice and goodness me this was amazing thanks to Stefan Stanimirov for sorting this out it was great fun.


With the solo tours I have met with Mike Dawes and Julie Ragins both brilliant musicians and they were very nice to me. Justin’s solo tours have also been very special the last one being in Cardiff the other week. I was overjoyed when Justin asked us to help him on Question and I excitedly obliged with full gusto.

No meets with Justin but that’s ok. I would of course like to say hello but that’s how it goes I love him tons.

I would have attended the event on the boat with John Lodge last year but I thought the Moodies would do two shows in Amsterdam and I was still there when I found out the boat trip was on.

So when I saw John was doing shows in the UK I was more than happy. I booked Stratford upon Avon tonight and Birmingham.


The gathering at Hampton Court was last Wednesday and wow I was not going to miss out on the fun this time. The whole day was wonderful.
I had booked a small cheap room in Richmond on Thames and travelled by boat on the Thames to arrive at Hampton Court around 12.30 in the afternoon. September Sunshine all the way. I had never been to Hampton Court before so the whole day was brilliant. Throughout the day old friends faces and forms would appear around different secluded red brick corners. We drank tea together had chats and I met friends I had only spoken and shared things with on face book.

At the actual gig it was just so like being a part of a family reunion. All the band members were just so approachable and just fun to be with. I always get a bit excited and still worry about talking with the band and often have to force myself to do it.
This is why I feel I may appear a little crazy but I really do try my best to be calm.

When it came to the music John opened with My Old Mans a Dustman which I encouraged him to release but he said it is more than not on You Tube now. They did a handful of songs including Simply Magic, Candle of Life and Isn’t life Strange and finished with Saved by the Music. This has now become my number one John Lodge sing along song. I promise I will sing it loud and proud tonight in Stratford and next week in Birmingham. So heed the warning.


It was just a splendid day. One of those days that you say: Man its great to be alive.
As Nick Kounoupias said it was almost like a wedding celebration. It felt like a gathering of like minded souls. Tomo, Lee, Gordon, Norda and Alan all were just so open to us all.
Emily John’s daughter and the girl from the song was there.
I got to say hello and this proved to me that indeed life is strange.


Say You Love Me

John Lodge

If I could read you like a book
If I could read your second look
If I could be the one you love
The one you’re thinking of

I wouldn’t need these eyes
I wouldn’t need to see
I wouldn’t need to hear your voice
Say you love me

If I could stay here for a while
If I could hang on to your smile
If I could turn your loving ways
Upon my lonely days

I wouldn’t need these eyes
I wouldn’t need to see
I wouldn’t need to hear your voice
Say you love me
Say you love me

I tried so hard to find
The reason you came my way
And now I can’t believe my eyes
Are you here to stay?

If all the world came falling down
And lay in pieces on the ground
With only darkness from above
If I could touch your love

I wouldn’t need these eyes
I wouldn’t need to see
I wouldn’t need to hear your voice
Say you love me
Say you love me


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