Saturday 24th September 2016


Middlesborough 1 Spurs 2

Heung-Min Son’s goal-den spell continued as we ran out deserved 2-1 winners at Middlesbrough on Saturday.
The South Korean star buried two beauties at the Riverside to take his tally to four in the Premier League this term. He’s already equalled his league goals total from last season.
The only mystery on Teesside was how Middlesbrough were still in the game after we dominated the first half and created numerous chances. Indeed, the shot count ended 19-6 in our favour.

Son opened his account by drifting in from the right and finishing low in a crowded box and then topped that effort with a sublime curler after it looked like he’d run out of room.
Further chances arrived for Christian Eriksen, Moussa Sissoko and most notably Dele Alli, but it stayed 2-0 at the break.
The pattern remained in the second half but a double substitution – Adama Traore and Jordan Rhodes coming on – inspired the home side.
Ben Gibson responded with a header as Boro pushed on but we remained in control and while it was a nervy ending, in truth there were few heart-stopping moments as we stretched our unbeaten run to six matches at the start of this Premier League campaign, claiming our third victory in six days in all competitions in the process.


Purple Rain


I never meant to cause you any sorrow
I never meant to cause you any pain
I only wanted one time to see you laughing
I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain

Purple rain Purple rain
Purple rain Purple rain
Purple rain Purple rain

I only want to see you bathing in the purple rain

I never wanted to be your weekend lover
I only wanted to be some kind of friend
Baby I could never steal you from another
It’s such a shame our friendship had to end

Purple rain Purple rain
Purple rain Purple rain
Purple rain Purple rain

I only want to see you underneath the purple rain

Honey I know, I know, I know times are changing
It’s time we all reach out for something new
That means you too
You say you want a leader
But you can’t seem to make up your mind
I think you better close it
And let me guide you to the purple rain

Purple rain Purple rain
Purple rain Purple rain

If you know what I’m singing about up here
C’mon raise your hand

Purple rain Purple rain

I only want to see you, only want to see you
In the purple rain


Justin at Wolverhampton was an altogether strange experience.
First of all I booked my seat D7 way back when the tour was announced.
The D7 seat being fine was an end of row close to stage all in all a good seat and view. I was thinking it was The Wulfrun Centre so on the night I would have bowled up there.
Lorraine Hilton-Salter A woman whom I had first met when she was a seventeen year old and needed a ride to Bingley Hall Stafford in 1979 to see and meet The Moodies.
I drove to her house in Dudley Port and we took the ten minute train ride to Wolverhampton and on the way we gathered another fan who actually took off as we arrived at the station.
We met up with Paul, Judy and Pamela for a drink then headed into the gig.
On the evening before Roland Giblin had offered me a front row seat so Lorraine took my seat and I sat in row A right in the middle.
Now you know I love Justin’s voice and his songs, his guitar playing and love to sing along especially to Question.

Last night I was a little down on the Justin’s show because after John’s show and when I compared the fun and the vivacity of John’s solo tour there was just no comparison. John’s show rocked and I felt like I do after a Moodies gig all encompassed and knackered. But I have to cut Justin some slack here as I think I have to come to terms with the fact that this is an entirely different show to a Moody Blues show. That’s how Justin wants it to be and I must respect that.
Sometimes I think I and we expect too much from them. It is because we love them so much we want them to love us back, but after all they are just singers in a rock and roll band. I want interactive experience but not everyone in the audience wants this they just want to hear his songs.
But I am stuck with the fact that to me it is Rock n Roll.
When Justin sings Question I want to stand and sing it also however the pleasure police were having none of it.
I think Mike Dawes and Julie Riggins back him amazingly and Mike is just astonishing he did a brilliant rendition of Purple Rain. I felt I offended him unintentionally.
I said when you play it appears you have six hands or that there are more of you on stage. I meant it that I cannot believe the sounds he gets out of his guitar on his own. But hey ho he has probably already forgotten me and my words.


Anyhow I will always go see Justin and John in whatever line up they appear in.Lorraine had her Justin pick and we headed to the train station. It was the last train home and we had an issue with the doors not opening and we had to rush across the station to catch the train running back to Dudley Port. A group of women were struggling to walk and younger girls were wearing very little a tottering around the platforms.
The state of the train was interesting too it was covered in a mess of rolling around beer cans a girl in gold boxing gloves was hitting a man in one of the seats. Another girl who had had too many was clutching a metal mug full of wine and asked me where I was going. It was all very strange. I guess I am not used to public transport that time on a Saturday night. I was well happy to get back safe to my bed.


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