Saturday 31st December 2016


I have only known Kayleigh for a short while

I would like to say how pleased I am to welcome her into
our family.
Kayleigh is now married to my son Richard and they are the parents of my grandson Oliver.

I want to say how much respect I have for them both.

They have a new home in Cheltenham.
Richard starts his work in a different work place.
And the have their son Oliver.
They will all start a new year 2017 together.

My father would have been very proud of Richard.
I am proud to call Richard my son and I am happy he has found Kayleigh.
I wish them great happiness for the future.

Oliver is a wonder to me as I am sure he is a wonder to them.

It is hard to find the right person to share a life with
But when you do it can be truly special
Two people who have found this special friendship
This special love can be really happy
May the love you have pledged to each other
Be a promise to remain special
Be a promise to remain strong
Then your married life
Will be full of joy
Like the circle of a ring
Your happiness will be endless

Richard and Kayleigh have asked me to read this short verse for their wedding day. there was a bit of a mess up and the registrar read the one below which Richard had sent me to read! I was in panic mode.

Life can be beautiful, shared by two
A world filled with love, ever old, ever new
Life can be beautiful, shared with each other
Two happy people who love one another!
May the love you pledge together
Like the circle of a ring
Be a promise of the many joys
Your married life will bring



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