Friday 6th January 2017



Lots of dangerous plants, but lots and lots of research cubes. This type of planet also contains natural coal and frequent sandstorms. Giant Trees – These plants resemble large trees, typically bearing a research pod. Cacti – Resemble Cacti, contains a research pod. Mushrooms – These mushroom like plants will protrude spikes when a player is near. These plants come in two different sizes.

Gas plants – These Cylindrical plants appear to breathe, and when a player is close and in sight, will emit toxic fumes, which follow and damage the player. These plants contain a research pod underneath them. Tentacle – This plant, found underground, has a glowing red light on the end of its Tentacle. When you touch the Tentacle, it will grab the player, and throw it into the ground, sometimes causing a glitch of no-clipping through the world. Gas Bombs – Similar in look to Mushrooms, these plants explode on death, producing toxic gas which can cause fatal damage based on the distance to the player upon death. Gas Bombs contain a research pod underneath.



A paracosm is a detailed imaginary world created inside one’s mind. This fantasy world may involve humans, animals, and things that exist in reality; or it may also contain entities that are entirely imaginary, alien, and otherworldly. Commonly having its own geography, history, and languages, the experience of such a paracosm is often developed during childhood and continues over a long period of time: months or even years.

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