Saturday 1st April 2017

American Airlines flight number AA737


I really never thought I would go to the States again but today found me headed to the airport at Heathrow and a flight to Philadelphia. We were to stay the night in Phili and then head on out to Cancun and Mexico City.

I had been going to the toilet all through the night. I had a fever and my BP had crashed. I told Stu that I thought I was not going to make the trip I was feeling so ill. I made a supreme effort to travel to the airport but only by taking an Uber taxi. We sat around, with me making more trips to the loo and I had to go and lay down and try to sleep near the flight gate. Our flight to Philadelphia with a night there and a connection in the morning to Cancun and then another connection to Mexico City. We managed to get a truck to drive me to the gate.


They called the gate at the American Airlines I got to the desk and pulled the plug a paramedic was called and it was now not my decision. My BP was indeed now too low to allow me to fly. Frank the paramedic was great and the AA people were amazing at the gate desk. Stu too helped me out and I told him to fly I really thought it was holiday over and I really just wanted to go home. AA sorted me a new flight the next day but through NY JFK I spent a high temperature night in bed at the hotel. I tossed and I turned every hour thinking it was getting closer and close to having to make a decision on whether or not I should go on the trip at all. it was yes, no, yes, no. The What would Cortez do?

Cortez would go..Cortez would go. So I decided to go.

It was way back in the late 1960s the BBC colour transmission test programmes broadcast a series of promotional films. One of these films showed a ball park. It was in the city complex of Chichin Itza. At the time I would have been around 15 and I had no idea where this place was but it caught my imagination. Ever since then I was interested in the Maya the Inca and the Aztecs. but this would also lead to learning about the conquest and Christopher Columbus and other explorers. No matter how wrong Cortes was you cannot help but admire the guts and the determination that drove him on to explore and keep moving forward.


Burnley 0 Spurs 2

Second-half goals from Eric Dier and substitute Heung-Min Son gave us a vital win at Burnley to cut Chelsea’s lead at the top of the Premier League to seven points on Saturday.
After a frustrating first period in which neither side really hit top form, Dier popped up with a 66th-minute breakthrough after the home side failed to clear their lines from a corner.

Dier was playing in an advanced role alongside the highly effective Mousa Dembele by that stage after our starting central midfield pairing of Victor Wanyama and Harry Winks were forced off injured towards the end of the first half – the latter on a stretcher, after tumbling over and out of play between the two dugouts.
But we kept our focus and Son netted the second on 77 minutes after good work from Dele Alli to give us a bit of breathing space, while Dele himself went close to extending our lead on a couple of occasions as we bossed the game to see out a 2-0 victory.
With leaders Chelsea going down 2-1 at home to Crystal Palace, the three points are precious as we continue our pursuit of the Blues.



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