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Friday 21st April 2017

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Thursday 20th April 2017

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Wednesday 19th April 2017

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Tuesday 18th April 2017

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Sunday 16th April 2017

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The Witch

Oh! how wonderful it is to fly
at two in the morning
at two in the morning
oh! how wonderful it is to fly, oh woman!

To fly and let yourself fall
in the arms of a lady,
oh! how wonderful it is to fly
at two in the morning, oh woman!

The witch grabs me
she takes me to her house
she turns me into a pot
and into a pumpkin.

The witch grabs me
she takes me to the little hill
she turns me into a pot
and into a little pumpkin.

Oh! you must tell me,
tell me, tell me
how many little ones
have you drank from?

None, none
none, I don’t know
I just want to
drink from you.

Oh! I was frightened by a woman, where?
in the middle of the salty sea
in the middle of the salty sea
oh! I was frightened by a woman, oh woman!

Why didn’t I want to believe
what others had told me?
from above she was a woman
from below she was a fish, oh woman!

When I found my wife lying down
I pulled the covers, she says nothing
when I found my wife asleep
I pulled the covers and I ran out.

Oh! you must tell me,
tell me, tell me
how many little ones
have you drank from?

None, none
none, I don’t know
I just want to
drink from you.

I found the witch
she was flying in the wind
she was flying in the wind
I found the witch, oh woman!

So I asked her:
“who are you looking for?”
she replied: “who are you?”
“I’m a huapango singer, oh woman!”

Hide your happiness,
hide Juana,
there’s a witch
underneath the bed.

Hide your happiness
hide Joba,
there’s a witch out there
flying on her broom.

Oh! you must tell me,
tell me, tell me
how many little ones
have you drank from?

None, none
none, I don’t know
I just want to
drink from you.

Dreams While Awake 

Every time I closed my eyes even though I was not asleep
Dreams started rolling like a Fred Quimby horror movie
Deep deeper dreams in 33D rolling thick and sweeping out of clouds
Clouds of thoughts morphing real shapes
Strange claw like feet past under yet through me
A shifting moving giant temptress in a star filled gown
She wore a collar the size of the horizon
She swayed enticing me to follow rising up
As she swayed with sex away and in front of me I tried to pull away
I tried to wake myself up but I was already awake
Then in another phase Mick and Brenda the couple next door
Lived in a corner of an old council estate
The terrace was a line of bomb damaged houses
They were to be married that day
We all got together and fixed up the damage with wallpaper and paste
We used old pieces of lath like from an old fashioned ceiling airer
A bus turned over in a mile wide car park
Then the woman returned enticing me yet again
This time onto a dance floor
I sang her a love song
That nailed it she was now mine
She was at least two feet taller than me
I turned to ask a panel of viewing judges if it was appropriate to bed a woman of this magnificence.
One judge said “look at her man!” “She’s yours for life.”
I rode the train to death last night
I got on gladly
My eyes were full of tears
It took me right through every gate
I rode it hoping death would be there when I arrived
Fluid past through my body and excited from more holes than I knew a human body possessed
It was like the pilgrims progress
Station names like
And more and more
I lay face down in my own dirt amongst the ruins of my own painful memories
I could see myself light like the stars sparked through my veins
My life was draining from me and I was glad to go
The woman appeared again she stooped over me peering into my head
Well she said shall we go?
I wanted very much to go
I flew in the gutter of my life
I flew over every stop hoping upon hope I had arrived
I dragged myself bemoaning my exit back from non sleep and yet I was already awake
I was alive and pleased I had not arrived
Lack of sleep is a torture you know?
Like water boarding only worse
Come on John awake
Rise up be a fireman climb those stairs
Cross that yard and lay your breathing apparatus on the bench
Clean it recharge the cylinder add fresh Protosorb
And live again

John Bish 16th April 2017

La Bruja

¡Ay! que bonito es volar
a las dos de la mañana
a las dos de la mañana
¡ay! que bonito es volar, ¡ay mamá!

A volar y dejarse caer
en los brazos de una dama,
ay! que bonito es volar,
a las dos de la mañana, ¡ay mamá!.

Me agarra la bruja
me lleva a su casa,
me vuelve maceta
y una calabaza.

Me agarra la bruja
me lleva al cerrito,
me vuelve maceta
y un calabazito.

¡Ay! dígame, dígame,
dígame usted,
¿cuántas criaturitas
se ha chupado usted?

Ninguna, ninguna,
ninguna no sé,
ando en pretenciones
de chuparme a usted.

¡Ay! me espantó una mujer, ¿a dónde?
en medio del mar salado,
en medio del mar salado,
¡ay! me espantó una mujer, ¡ay mamá!

¿Por qué no queria creer
lo que otros me habian contado?
lo de arriba era mujer
y lo de abajo pezcado, ¡ay mamá!

Cuando a mi mujer la encuentro acostada
le jalo las colchas no me dice nada
cuando a mi mujer la encuentro durmiendo
le jalo las colchas y salgo corriendo

¡Ay! dígame, dígame
dígame usted
¿cuántas criaturitas
se ha chupado usted?

Ninguna, ninguna
ninguna no sé,
ando en pretenciones
de chuparme a usted.

A la bruja me encontre
en el aire iba volando
en el aire iba volando
a la bruja me encontré, ¡ay mamá!

Entonces le pregunté:
que ¿a quién andaba buscando?
me dijo: ¿Quién es usted?
soy cantador de huapango, ¡ay mamá!

Escóndete Chepa,
escóndete Juana,
que ahí anda la bruja
debajo de la cama.

Escóndete Chepa
escóndete Joba,
que ahí anada la bruja
volando en su escoba.

¡Ay! dígame, dígame
dígame usted
¿cuántas criaturitas
se ha chupado usted?

Ninguna, ninguna
ninguna no sé,
ando en pretenciones
de chuparme a usted.

Saturday 15th April 2017

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Spurs 4 Bournemouth 0

Another dominant White Hart Lane performance saw us ease past Bournemouth on Saturday afternoon to set a new club Premier League record and reduce the gap at the top of the table back down to four points.
Goals from Mousa Dembele, Heung-Min Son, Harry Kane and substitute Vincent Janssen secured the points and gave us our seventh straight win in the Premier League, the first time we have achieved that feat in the division. It also saw us win our 12th successive home league game to equal the second-best record in the club’s history.

The imperious Dembele opened the scoring in the 16th minute for his first goal of the season and just three minutes later Son doubled our lead with his 19th of the campaign, not to mention his eighth in his last six games in all competitions.
In the 48th minute, Kane marked his return from injury with our third goal and it was a significant one for the England forward as it was his 20th league strike of the season, the third campaign running he has reached that tally. He’s the first Spurs player to do that since Jimmy Greaves between 1966-69 and only the fourth player in Premier League history, following Ruud van Nistelrooy, Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry.
The cherry on the cake came in stoppage time as Janssen poked home from close range to the delight of the Spurs faithful, rounding off the perfect afternoon at the Lane.


Hannah Bladon

The murder of this young girl in Israel to me is a reflection on all that is terrible about humanity. Such a loss. I have been away 2 weeks and seen hardly any news but kept hearing about bombs and mother of all bombs for goodness sake What is happening to us? Then a bus bomb killing people and children who had been waiting forever just to escape other crazy people. NUKE N KOREA What! I have just been watching fleets sailing. Women in full body paint and night vision glasses goose stepping across squares. MOAB! FFS! Then this poor child killed on a bus ? I cried I really cried . Trump and Putin and Assad and Kim Jong Sick should all just be so ashamed. We should shame them cast them back to the dark dirty days where they belong. Come on we can do it. I just had to post her image to show her sweet face representing so many many others. So sad. Hannah Bladon. Please can we not just live together nicely? Sorry if this is out of order I’ve been a bit sick and awake over 40 hours and am a bit vulnerable to my emotions.

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Friday 14th April 2017

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Grapevine is a city located predominantly in Tarrant County and has areas that extend into Dallas and Denton counties. Highways SH 26, SH 121, SH 360, SH 114, Spur 97, and FM 2499 run into Grapevine. With its central location in the Metropolis, being approximately 22 to 24 miles from the downtowns of both Dallas and Fort Worth, Grapevine is a suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolis.

The city is part of the Dallas Fort Worth Statistical Area and a significant part of the city limits are mostly within the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, with neighbouring cities such as Coppell, Euless, and Irving.

In recent years several wineries have opened in Grapevine, and the city has been very active in maintaining its historic downtown corridor. The city is adjacent to Grapevine Lake, a large reservoir impounded by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1952 and serves as both a source of water and recreational area. Part of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is located within Grapevine city limits, the largest portion of any municipality bordering the facility.


In October 1843, General Sam Houston and fellow Republic of Texas Commissioners camped at Tah-Wah-Karro Creek, also known as Grape Vine Springs, to meet with leaders of 10 Indian nations. This meeting culminated in the signing of a treaty of “peace, friendship, and commerce,” which opened the area for homesteaders. The settlement that emerged was named Grape Vine due to its location on the appropriately-named Grape Vine Prairie near Grape Vine Springs, both names an homage to the wild grapes that grew in the area.

The first recorded white settlement in what would become the modern city occurred in the late 1840s and early 1850s. General Richard Montgomery Gano owned property near Grape Vine and helped organize the early settlement against Comanche raiding parties before leading his band of volunteers to battle in the American Civil War. Growth during the 19th century was slow but steady; by 1890 roughly 800 residents called Grapevine home, supported by such amenities as a newspaper, a public school, several cotton gins, a post office and railroad service. The settlement made continued gains early in the 20th century, and on January 12, 1914, the post office altered the town’s name to one word, Grapevine. On Easter Sunday, April 1, 1934, Henry Methvin, an associate of Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, killed two police officers, E.B. Wheeler and H.D. Murphy, during an altercation near Grapevine. A historical marker remains at the intersection of Dove Road and State Highway 114.

The population of Grapevine fell during the interwar period as the economy stagnated, though the city was officially incorporated in 1936. Cotton was the primary crop for Grapevine until the early 20th century when it was overtaken by cantaloupe farms which accounted for as many as 25,000 acres. For several decades until the early 1970s, the Rotary Club sign outside of town boasted Grapevine as “Cantaloupe Capital of the World”. Population growth and economic gains resumed to some extent in the decades immediately after the Second World War, though the opening of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in 1974 spurred massive development in the area. Prior to the mid-20th century, Grapevine depended heavily upon agricultural production, but quickly transformed into a regional center of commerce because of its proximity to the airport’s north entrance. The economic benefits of the airport’s construction continue to encourage new levels of development in Grapevine to this day.

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On April 1, 1934, Easter Sunday, Barrow and Henry Methvin killed two young highway patrolmen, H. D. Murphy and Edward Bryant Wheeler, at the intersection of Route 114 and Dove Road near Grapevine, Texas (now Southlake).
An eyewitness account stated that Barrow and Parker fired the fatal shots, and this story got widespread coverage before it was discredited. Methvin later admitted he fired the first shot, after assuming Barrow wanted the officers killed; he also said that Parker approached the dying officers intending to help them, not to administer the coup de grâce described by the discredited eyewitness. Barrow joined in, firing at Patrolman Murphy. Most likely, Parker was asleep in the back seat when Methvin started shooting and took no part in the assault.


Public tide turned against the couple after the Grapevine murders and resultant publicity
In the spring of 1934, the Grapevine killings were recounted in exaggerated detail, affecting public perception: all four Dallas daily papers seized on the story told by the eyewitness, a farmer, who claimed to have seen Parker laugh at the way Patrolman Murphy’s head “bounced like a rubber ball” on the ground as she shot him. The stories claimed that police found a cigar butt “with tiny teeth marks” supposedly Parker’s. Several days later Murphy’s fiancee wore her intended wedding dress to his funeral, sparking photos and newspaper coverage. The eyewitness’s ever-changing story was soon discredited, but the massive negative publicity, against Parker in particular, increased the public clamor for extermination of the survivors of the Barrow Gang.


The outcry also galvanized the authorities into action: Highway Patrol boss L.G. Phares immediately offered a $1,000 reward for “the dead bodies of the Grapevine slayers”—not their capture, just the bodies. Texas governor Ma Ferguson added another $500 reward for each of the two alleged killers, which “meant for the first time there was a specific price on Bonnie’s head, since she was so widely believed to have shot H.D. Murphy.”

Officers Wheeler and Murphy were viciously gunned down that Easter in 1934– upon investigating what unknown to them was a suspicious car containing The Barrow Gang.

IMG_20170414_120414foust20170414_11520720170414_103401IMG_20170414_22452614 (17)Dontbreathe

Don’t Breath

Don’t Breathe is a 2016 American horror-thriller film directed by Fede Álvarez and written by Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues. The film stars Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, and Stephen Lang, and focuses on three friends who get trapped inside a blind man’s house while breaking into it.

Rocky, Alex, and Money are three Detroit delinquents who make a living by breaking into homes secured by Alex’s father’s security company and selling the items they take. However, the person buying the stolen goods from Money doesn’t give them a fair price, and not nearly enough to fund Rocky’s dream of moving to California with her little sister, Diddy, to escape their neglectful mother and her alcoholic boyfriend. Money receives a tip that a medically retired US Army Special Forces veteran living in an abandoned Detroit neighborhood has $300,000 in cash in his house, given as a settlement after a wealthy young woman, Cindy Roberts, killed his daughter in a car accident. The three stake out the house and discover that the man is in fact blind, as he was blinded from a blast during the Gulf War. After some deliberation, they decide to break into the house at night.


That night, the three approach the house and drug the Blind Man’s dog. Finding all the entrances locked, Rocky enters the house through a small window and lets the other two in. The group searches the house for the money but are unable to find it. Money goes upstairs to put a sleeping gas in the Blind Man’s bed room. He goes back downstairs; assuming the money is behind a locked door, Money shoots the lock. The noise wakes up the Blind Man, who subdues Money and kills him with his own gun. Rocky hides in a closet, where she witnesses the Blind Man open a safe to check on his money. After he leaves, Alex finds Rocky in the closet, and the two open the safe and take the money, which they guess must be at least $1 million. Meanwhile, the Blind Man finds shoes belonging to Money and Rocky downstairs, and realizes that Money was not the only intruder.

Rocky and Alex evade the Blind Man and find a door leading to the basement. There, they are surprised by a restrained, gagged woman in a homemade padded cell. She shows them a newspaper article mentioning Cindy and the car accident; they realize that she is Cindy, held captive by the Blind Man. They free her and run for the storm cellar door, only to be surprised by the Blind Man, who mistakenly shoots and kills Cindy with Money’s gun. He breaks down crying when he discovers she is dead, sobbing “my baby.” Rocky and Alex flee into the cellar while the Blind Man, enraged at Cindy’s death, shuts off the lights. After a struggle, Alex knocks out the Blind Man, and Rocky follows him back upstairs.

lead_960Stephen Lang

After blocking the basement door, they encounter the Blind Man’s Dog, who has recovered from being drugged. Alex and Rocky are unable to unlock the front door in time before the dog attacks them, and so they flee into the upstairs bedroom, where they find themselves trapped by the barred windows. Rocky escapes the room through a ventilation duct, while the dog breaks into the bedroom and attacks Alex, who falls out of a window onto a skylight and briefly falls unconscious. When Alex awakens, the Blind Man shoots out the skylight and later manages to corner Alex in his utility room, where he appears to kill him with a pair of pruning shears. Meanwhile, the dog pursues Rocky through the vents, and she is eventually captured by the Blind Man. She wakes up restrained in the basement, where the Blind Man reveals that Cindy was carrying his child in order to replace the one she killed. He then prepares to artificially inseminate Rocky with a turkey baster, but then it is revealed that the Blind Man accidentally stabbed Money’s corpse with the shears as opposed to his intended victim of a passed out Alex, who has now become conscious and manages to save Rocky and handcuff the Blind Man.

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Rocky and Alex are unable to call the police, as their blood is all over the house, so they try to leave through the front door, but the Blind Man breaks free and shoots Alex dead. Rocky flees, but is pursued by the dog. She manages to trap the dog in her car trunk, but is recaptured by the Blind Man and dragged back to his house. Inside, Rocky disorients the Blind Man by setting off his house’s loud alarm system, then beats him with a crowbar and knocks him into the basement; he inadvertently shoots himself as he falls. Believing him dead, Rocky escapes before the police arrive.

With the money, Rocky prepares to leave Detroit with Diddy on a train to Los Angeles. Before boarding the train, she sees a news report stating that the Blind Man killed two intruders (Alex and Money) in his house and is in stable condition at the hospital, but did not report Rocky, Cindy or the stolen money.