Saturday 10th June 2017


Only the very brightest can enter here
Don’t be fooled
The mind will try
The mind is not as powerful as the self
Self can override it
We are the parent not the child
Search for the self beyond the lies
The whispers will try to confuse
The mind does not want to be left alone
listen to the moment before sleep?
Dreams are the mind refusing to let go of its power
Surrender to the self
The body will look after itself
Only the most important can enter here
Don’t be fooled
The mind will try to confuse
It will try to confirm the truth
It will ask what do you want?
Who am I?
What am I?
Confusing to the dreamer
Confusing to the philosopher
The learned man
The reader of books
No amount of reading will find the self
Don’t think too much
No music
No magic potions
No mystics
No priests
No chanting
No charms
No prayers
No sages
No wise men
No prophecies
No symbols
Confusing to the believer of lies
Let go of it all surrender
Self is not selfish
Stop looking for more data
Self knows the truth
A soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.

John Bish 10th June 2017


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