Sunday 30th July 2017

It just shows you how things change and we do not really notice it until we look.
I went out to the Veg Shed to look at the lamp on the telegraph pole and see how it was fixed. I then noticed the transformer box was round not square like in my painting?
I stared at it taking pictures to compare it again when back in my shed.
Yes it was round and mine is square why and when did this happen?
Then I realised that the whole pole structure had changed.
In fact it had gone!
Yes it had gone and I had not noticed. This is why I paint what I do to capture an ever changing landscape. This is why I photograph the field to notice the changes in me and in it.

IMG_2442IMG_2448IMG_2449MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAIMG_2452IMG_2453IMG_24542453225656iiuuUntitled-3uuuy43y3222y22221yy5444yy5433322IMG_2456IMG_244120170730_15241420170730_171732

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