Saturday 4th November 2017


The Heartbreak Kid

Eddie (Ben Stiller), the owner of a San Francisco sports shop, is single but ambivalent about starting a relationship. While walking, he sees a thief snatching a woman’s purse. Eddie tries but fails to retrieve the purse, he and Lila (Malin Åkerman) exchange pleasantries, begin dating, and soon become serious. Each imagines it’s a perfect match. When a job offer requires Lila to live in Holland, Eddie learns that the company would not move a married employee, so with the urging of both his father, Doc (Jerry Stiller) and best friend, Mac (Rob Corddry), Eddie marries Lila.

During their honeymoon in Cabo San Lucas, it becomes increasingly apparent to Eddie how mismatched they are. On the drive there, Lila irritates him with incessant singing to a blasting radio. Lila’s sex is so strenuous that Eddie suffers physical pain. She queefs really loud after sex. Eddie’s disaffection deepens when Lila divulges her history of cocaine abuse, a deviated septum, and her habit of spitting drinks out through her nose. He learns that professionally she was only a volunteer, and that the purse snatcher had been one of her former lovers that she owed money. He calls his dad and tells him about the situation, but Doc misinterprets him.


At the Los Cabos resort ran by Uncle Tito (Carlos Mencia), Lila adamantly refuses to use sunblock while sunbathing only in baby oil, and then blames Eddie for the agony of her second-degree sunburn. As the enormity of Eddie’s mistake sinks in, he meets Miranda (Michelle Monaghan), a vacationer with her family from Mississippi. Just as with Lila, Eddie immediately imagines that he and Miranda are a perfect match. With Lila confined to her room crippled by sunburn, Eddie devotes most of his honeymoon to Miranda. Eddie makes a favorable impression on all of her family except for her cousin, Martin (Danny McBride), who senses that Eddie is hiding something. Eddie confides in his problem about Lila and Miranda with Mac over the phone and Mac reveals that he is in an unhappy marriage himself.


There are mutual misunderstandings between Eddie and Miranda’s family. The twin boys Eddie met at his ex’s wedding tells Miranda’s family that Eddie came to Mexico to mourn his wife who was killed by a maniac with an ice pick, a story Eddie told them meaning to be sarcastic; Eddie assumes Miranda knows about Lila and her abusive behavior. When Eddie decides to divorce Lila, he tries to bring it up at lunch, with Martin and his brother Buzz (Roy Jenkins) learning of his secret. When Miranda learns about Lila, she and Eddie fall into the ocean and Eddie is attacked by a jellyfish. (Lila treats the stings by urinating on him). After the chaos, Lila and Miranda both abandon him (Miranda for Eddie’s deception and Lila for Eddie’s wanting a divorce). Lila destroys Eddie’s passport.

Heartbreak Kid, TheThe-Heartbreak-Kid-11-4

Eddie sinks into a depression and annoys a fellow Mexican named Manuel (Luis Accinelli) with his problems. Coerced by Uncle Tito, Eddie decides to go to Mississippi to make amends with Miranda. Border patrol agents repeatedly catch Eddie attempting to cross the U.S. border illegally with help from Tito. Eddie finally gets to Oxford, Mississippi. Upon meeting Miranda’s family, he learns that she has married her previous boyfriend. Despite promising to leave Miranda alone, Eddie sneaks in and awakens Miranda as her husband sleeps. When her husband wakes up, Martin bursts in and attacks Eddie with a baseball bat until Doc intervenes. Eddie agrees to leave if Miranda says she truly loves her new husband, which she does. Eddie leaves with Doc, without knowing Miranda looks longingly from her balcony as he walks away.


Eighteen months later, having lost his sports store in his and Lila’s divorce, Eddie moves permanently to Mexico. Miranda arrives and says she has left her husband and wants to be with Eddie. Eddie is thrilled, but hides that he has a new wife, Consuela (Eva Longoria), and is back in the same duplicitous predicament.


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