Thursday 31st May 2018

All of these poems were written on the 31st May and alluded to my birthday the next day June 1st hence the years being looked forward to..

A Poem for His Birthday 1st June 2018

Thunder rolls over The Field
It fills the heavens
In this invisible symphony
A cuckoo calls
A Blackbird sings “We are Barbie Girls”.
He sits Wasted and waiting
He feels thin and drawn, light headed
The weather is as dull as his thoughts
He needs to be at home
He guards what is close to him
At sixty six he no longer plays at being a man
His father is long dead and younger than he is now
His brow will wrinkle
His mind will attempt to carry on
That’s what we do
Stay close now I can almost see the end
And there is no light
There is only darkness and solitude
All will fall away
All will be lost
Stay close now I can almost touch the end
So let’s go “Poyekhali”.



A Poem for his birthday 1st June 2017  

Beans fill the field
They rise to his chest
No more grass needed
The pigs have all passed away
So the field is less visited
All around him chaos
His thoughts smothered
His eyes see black smoke rise
Lots of blood, whaling mothers
Crying fathers and young men’s anger
The women hold court and batter the red men blue
They humiliate they poke they prod
He doesn’t like these angry women
He doesn’t like these angry men
His fight is over
He can ride the free bus
But it will only take him so far
Spare him the pain
Spare him the misery
Cut the dead wood
Fill the green bin
Sgt Pepper may be number one
But that’s just silly
He wants to be left in peace holding the baby

A Poem on His Birthday  1st June 2016 

The Field is blasted by a gale
Dull clouds huddle
Tractor lines carve the dancing green
High stress levels cause him to stare
the corn has different levels of growth
He removes it inch by inch
He gathers it in buckets its ready to leave
sixty four is the next goal
the noise of the wind has the poets head in a spin
The rain has again flushed his heart
The Magpie the Jackdaw
and the Rook look down from the arch
that Sue has placed in the garden
The poet’s mind is focused on lessons
lessons he must deliver
red velvet cake has slowed him down
the tracks to that lead to Alcester are orange
And must be passed by to reach lamination
Mick and Brenda argue the toss
On when the bank will be visited
As Doctor John checks out the patient
Richard texted an unknown friend

A Poem on His Birthday 1st June 2015

The Field is lit with the darkness
Of a light cast by a torch with a dying battery
But the opposite of this is an uncertainty
Drifting static clouds hang
Faster yet faster still the corn does not grow
Beyond the height of a pig in a Mexican hat
The pig is reprieved and rolls towards another year
It will now be sixty three
And to be exact if the numbers add up
The night will not come again
Sun has burnt the poets head where before
The rain had flushed his heart
A fat pigeon looks down from his pole
And smiles at the foolish morning
The poet’s pain is sprayed away with
Chocolate and frozen jelly
The cottage holds no contentment
For it is dark and the dry roast spuds
Needed much extra salt
Stodgy Spotted Dick was had by four
Who if I live to celebrate eighty years
Will have long been roasted liver
Morris men danced
The band played on while a tiny trumpet boy
Collapsed from sunken lungs
The day came to a close
Just as it had not started
With sunshine and lemon cake
And a rum soaked Dylan Thomas paper cup

Fifties Child

Barclay James Harvest

Love was a lesson we tried to learn
There were no exams to pass or fail
Only heartbreaks, renew our faith
Life was a lesson we’ve tried to learn
There were no tests to pass, no license to gain
Only win or lose, renew our faith

Renew our faith, let us see
Fifties child was right to believe
Peace and love were our needs
The need to be free

War is a lesson we’ve had to learn
We had to learn to kill, to destroy and burn
But our spirits cry, renew our faith
Peace is a lesson we’ve yet to learn
A prize for all mankind who race for the gain
Of love and harmony, renew our faith

Renew our faith, let us see
Fifties child was right to believe
Peace and love were our needs
The need to be free

Renew our faith, let us see
Young and old we’re right to believe
Peace and love are our needs
The need to be free


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