Thursday 25th October 2018


The March of the Imagination

I am amazed that after all this time we are still bedazzled by pretty lights
Pretty glowing lights and pretentious titles
Make of it what you will
You decide what it means
What does it mean to be human?
You decide what it means
A juxtaposition of smoke and mirrors
What do the messages mean?
You decide what they mean
Immersive, interactive, included
A migration of shadows and illumination
Flat surfaces, reflections and reflective
Shiny stuff and Fluorescent paint
Make of it what you will
For it is only the march of the imagination
You are the art
The illusions are complete you have been fooled
Once again you have been led up the garden path
By a will-o’-the-wisp

John Bish October 25th 2018


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