Saturday 24th November 2018


What is our life? The play of passion.
Our mirth? The music of division:
Our mothers’ wombs the tiring-houses be,
Where we are dressed for life’s short comedy.
The earth the stage; Heaven the spectator is,
Who sits and views whosoe’er doth act amiss.
The graves which hide us from the scorching sun
Are like drawn curtains when the play is done.
Thus playing post we to our latest rest,
And then we die in earnest, not in jest.

Sir Walter Raleigh


Even such is time, which takes in trust
Our youth, our joys, and all we have,
And pays us but with age and dust,
Who in the dark and silent grave
When we have wandered all our ways
Shuts up the story of our days,
And from which earth, and grave, and dust
The Lord will raise me up, I trust.

Sir Walter Raleigh


Sweet were the joys that both might like and last;
Strange were the state exempt from all distress;
Happy the life that no mishap should taste;
Blessed the chance might never change success.
Were such a life to lead or state to prove,
Who would not wish that such a life were love?

But oh! the soury sauce of sweet unsure,
When pleasures flit, and fly with waste of wind.
The trustless trains that hoping hearts allure,
When sweet delights do but allure the mind;
When care consumes and wastes the wretched wight,
While fancy feeds and draws of her delight.

What life were love, if love were free from pain?
But oh that pain with pleasure matched should meet!
Why did the course of nature so ordain
That sugared sour must sauce the bitter sweet?
Which sour from sweet might any means remove,
What hap, what heaven, what life, were like to love!

Sir Walter Raleigh


Whats The Point It?

What is the point of it?
Waking and wondering
Wondering on waking
What the hell are you doing?
Look out of the window
It’s still the same
Until the pain returns
That dull thud
That sharp stab
Dragging you down
Stamping on your hands
As you attempt to raise your spirit
Everyday the same
What’s the point of it?
Dripping time
Then comes the rush for the exit
You grab for a hand hold
Any hand hold that will keep you in the tedium
Why because even the tedium is better
Than an eternity of nothing

John Bish 20/11/2018


The Black Day

Today’s a black day
All my words return to haunt me
All my deeds return to mock me
All my love returns to doubt me
Today’s a black day
My knees drawn up
The curtains drawn too
Outside the cold air clutches
At the creeping gaps in my life
They try hard to get in at the window
A coat upon my coat
I wear a hood over my head
A scarf over my feet yet I am still cold
My hands are in pain
My heart broken I have arrested myself
I lay inside my cell like room
All my love appears a lie
All my words are slanted in my favour
It’s forever been this way I am told
Still I do not see it
Cowering in my self enforced prison
I yearn only for my love to love me
Fear of her tongue keeps me at bay
Fear of rejection and my own lies
Make me hide
Today is a dark day
Slowly it sinks while the pain holds fast
It’s unknown how long the darkness will last
She said she loved me
She said she wanted to be home with me
Then the words fell away and the deeds did not appear

John Bish 23rd November 2018

Spurs 3 Chelsea 1

Chelsea finally lost its first match of the season to a rampant Spurs team.

This was football the way the Argentinian in charge of Spurs wants his team to play, authoritative in the ebb and flow of the game and then beautifully imaginative when they stung their opponents for three marvellous goals. The pick of the lot was the third from Heung-min Son, an outrageous creation that had two Chelsea men trailing in his wake, including David Luiz who had one of those afternoons when mistakes were made.

He seemed to get out the way of Harry Kane’s goal, the second for Spurs, and no-one was quite sure of his intentions when attempting to stop Son although, as with most of his bad performances, there was at least no hiding. Given five more minutes he might even have got his revenge on Erik Lamela who came on for some late entertainment, brushing his foot over the ball, dropping a shoulder, and generally taking whatever liberties he could.


Even Oliver Giroud’s late goal did not change the mood, although Chelsea have become the kings of the late game-changer. The French striker was much more effective than Alvaro Morata, whom he replaced and generally Chelsea were stopped in their midfield where Pochettino scored a notable tactical victory over Maurizio Sarri. His team were on top from the very start and there was much for the Chelsea manager to think about.

Pochettino did it while resting Jan Vertonghen, presumably with Wednesday’s Champions League group game against Inter Milan at Wembley in mind, which Spurs must win. There was a sixth goal against Chelsea in six games for Dele Alli, the first of the three. This winning run of Spurs now stretches five games, back to that defeat to Manchester City at Wembley on Oct 29 and this victory over one of their fellow top five lifts them above Chelsea into third place.

Right at the end of the second minute of time added on to the first half, Hazard came crashing through Ben Davies for a ball he was never going to get his head to first at the back post and put the Welshman on the deck. Referee Martin Atkinson waved the yellow card for the second time that afternoon and Hazard laughed at him – it was meant to be derisive but it said more about the Belgian and his game up to that point.

He had been through a lot of frustration in the first half, including a penalty denied to him by Atkinson when really Juan Foyth had been clumsy and on this occasion was lucky to get away with it. But apart from that moment there were few excuses really – Spurs had been playing all the grown-up football and there was not much their visitors could do about it.

There were some marvellous moments in the first half and not just in the two goals that came in the first 16 minutes. There was a feathered touch from Heung-min Son to stun a long ball hit quickly over the top by Dele and spirited away from David Luiz with that marvellous piece of skill from Son. Spurs cut their opposition into little pieces all over the attacking third, between Dele, Christian Eriksen and Son.

19690193-1Screenshot 2018-11-24 21.27.22NINTCHDBPICT000451618352

Then there was Kane who scored the second, a shot taken way earlier than expected when instinct told him that there was a channel behind Luiz and inside Kepa Arrizabalaga’s right post and the England captain went for it. Luiz swayed unforgivably out the way of the shot and the ball was in. The Brazilian was never the same after that, tearing Kane’s shirt at a corner so much that he went off to change it. Antonio Rudiger was lost at times too, turned by Son early on in the game.

The first goal was a free-kick from the right perfectly placed by Eriksen for Dele to glance past Arrizabalaga. That was Spurs in the first half, precise when they had to be and often devastating as a consequence. They should have had more goals for the way they moved the ball.

Screenshot 2018-11-24 21.24.31NINTCHDBPICT000451618063http_images.performgroup.comdilibraryomnisport464dharrykanesonheungmin-cropped_jareb70ki77a17jubduw8nkqc

Out of possession Dele was on the toes of Jorginho and N’Golo Kante was not given a moment to himself. Spurs disrupted Chelsea all over the pitch and while they were fortunate with the Hazard penalty appeal, the away team were generally stopped at the edge of the home team’s area.

The third goal was a delight for Spurs starting improbably way out on the right by the touchline where Son took the ball and decided to run Jorginho. The Brazilian could not stay with him for more than a few strides and then Son was attacking down the goal line where his evasion of Luiz was easily accomplished. A slight sway of the hips, a very faint deception and Luiz’s confident misjudgement saw for the rest.

Screenshot 2018-11-24 19.49.1819689781-1Screenshot 2018-11-25 14.45.52Screenshot 2018-11-24 21.24.25

Luiz committed to go one way, Son – with the ball – the other and then beat Arrizabalaga into his far corner. This was exhilarating stuff, an embarrassment being inflicted on an old rival and the home fans loved it. Sarri beckoned the dismal Morata to come off and Mateo Kovacic too but nothing could really get his team passing the ball or creating chances.

Spurs managed the game from there with Kane somehow missing from a few yards out after Serge Aurier had been set away on the overlap. Dele might have had another a minute later with a shot inside the box. They never got another good sight of goal and had a wobble towards the end when Giroud rose to meet Cesar Azpilicueta’s cross to head the ball decisively past Hugo Lloris. But that was not much more than Chelsea deserved and for Spurs and their manager this was a sign of what they can do when it all works.


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