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Friday 20th September 2019

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I am really fed up of being treated like shit. Even when you are in the right and complain about something the shits manage to turn it around so you feel like its you that are to blame. The noise from the new build has been terrible all week.. Over the past five days and the sunny last few days of summer it has been impossible to sit in the garden or have the windows open. I blew a gasket around 5pm today and went to confront the builders. Unfortunately I lost it and swore. The builder had his son with him in a unsafe are but it was me who was unbelievable because I did say the F word. I was stressed beyond stress. But it was me who was made to feel in the wrong.


Thousands of eco activists have gathered in major cities across the globe in a bid to push governments to take more action on climate change. Also some eco activists took the action to the countryside. The Field Friday September 20th 2019.

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The Story In Your Eyes

The Moody Blues

I’ve been thinking about our fortune
And I’ve decided that we’re really not to blame
For the love that’s deep inside us now
Is still the same

And the sounds we make together
Is the music to the story in your eyes
It’s been shining down upon me now
I realize

Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We’re part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day

But I’m frightened for your children
That the life that we are living is in vain
And the sunshine we’ve been waiting for
Will turn to rain

Listen to the tide slowly turning
Wash all our heartaches away
We’re part of the fire that is burning
And from the ashes we can build another day

But I’m frightened for your children
That the life that we are living is in vain
And the sunshine we’ve been waiting for
Will turn to rain

When the final line is over and
It’s certain that the curtain’s gonna fall
I can hide inside your sweet sweet love
For ever more

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One Step Into The Light

The Moody Blues

One step into the light
One step away from night
It’s the hardest step you’re gonna take
The ship to take you there
Is waiting at the head
Of the stairs that lead up through your opening mind

Above the dark despair
Shines a light that we can share
Close your eyes and look up in between your brows
Then slowly breathing in
Feel the LIFE FORCE streaming in
Hold it there, then send it back to him

All the old things are returning
Cosmic circles ever turning
All the truth we’ve been yearning for
Life is our saviour, saviour, saviour, save your soul

The river of living breath
Is flowing through the sun
He was there before the earth began
The world will drag on you
Use his love to pull you through
Find the mission of your life and start to be

All the old things are returning
Cosmic circles ever turning
All the truth we’ve been yearning for
Life is our saviour, saviour, saviour, save your soul

There’s one thing I can do
Play my Mellotron for you
Try to blow away your city blues
Your dreams are not unfound
Get your feet back on the ground
The truth will set us free, we cannot lose
We cannot love, we just have to choose

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Dear Boss

On the 12th September 2019 I arranged a meeting with Alison Cox.
I had recently told the learning team I did not wish to continue as a learning deliver because I felt I was not being given enough hours and to be honest I felt the newly employed delivers were being given work days and sessions that I was being given up until their employment.

I have been involved as a volunteer at Compton Verney for ten and a half years
Of those years I was a employed as a learning deliverer for four and a half years
I feel I was loyal, honest, reliable and totally committed.
I enjoyed all of the many projects and delivery sessions I undertook. Some were a challenge but I carried out the sessions and I think the students and the teachers and parents appreciated my work.

I have been involved in many projects from the early days of the forest school and I have been involved in all of the exhibitions and all of the evening exhibitions.

I have been involved in these exhibitions as a learning deliverer and a volunteer.
In the early days I even led a couple of schools history projects without being trained as a forest school leader.

I have worked many times with Welcome Hills School and special needs groups.
I have worked many times on home education schools.

I worked two years as Art in the Afternoon Leader.

Initially as the session was 2 pm until 4 pm I was asked to do this on half day pay.

I told Alice Kirk that I was not prepared to do this.
I arranged with her that I would come in around 11 am set up the space often alone and deliver the lesson often planned by Alice and myself and many times by myself alone at home.

The lesson would finish at 4 pm but I would not get away from the space until 5 pm on most occasions.

I would plan the lessons at home in my own time and often bring in my own props to make the still life more interesting for the class.

For schools I would research in depth the programmes that were needed for the visiting exhibitions and for the permanent exhibitions.

I always came in for every talk given by the curators.

On School days I was always in early and set up my room and the room of the second or third deliverers and stay until 3 pm to get the rooms ready for the next day’s lessons.

I have done special birthday parties.
Before Moira left I produced as a volunteer and paid worker many of the flyers and brochures and learning aids that are still used now in 2019.
Many of these items would take me hours and hours of work.

I would come in if someone was sick or cancelled.

I made myself available for nearly 100% of the year.

At the end of 2018 I said I did not want to continue with Art in the Afternoon as I had taken it as far as I could.

In a meeting with Alison Cox and Joe Essen I was asked if I was willing to continue as the classes really enjoyed my involvement.
I requested one day extra pay a month for doing the planning that was required.

I was told that it was not affordable and I would be setting a president over the other learning deliverers. So I resigned from the sessions.

In 2019 Compton Verney employed several new learning deliverers.

At this point in time my work days went from sometimes five or even six days in twelve  to one day in twenty four days.

When I made myself available for Welcome Hills I was given no days,

The Home Education appeared to be cancelled all but for one day.

The Life drawing classes were never made accessible to me even though I told the team I was trained and did a Life Drawing Professional course in Florence Italy.

I march 2019 the learning team had a meeting regarding ideas for school term breaks.
Only three learning delivers attended the meeting.
No new deliverers were in attendance.
The meeting was for us the deliverers to suggest ideas to bring into the gallery spaces. I was enthusiastic and forwarded a plan relating to the Eagle Tavern and the chimney sweep and forwarded several suggestions.

We were given a half day pay for our ideas and the rest of the day to give us a full days pay was made up with myself making the chimney which took me well over the extra half day to complete. I even came in on extra volunteer days to have the chimney ready for the sessions. Clifford Newgas helped me build this on his volunteer days.

Since the employment of the new deliverers I have been given three days prior to the summer school break. Two of these were China sessions and it involved the new deliverers shadowing the sessions so this felt I was training them to do my own job.
I admitted to Alison Cox that I decided to cancel these sessions.

The new all have other employment the learning deliver job at Compton Verney was my only job. This is why my availability is so.

I did 2 days for the May Bank Holidays break of the Green Dwelling sessions.
One of these I did alone on Sunday 26th May I admit Emma Gardener was around and checked on me and I took my thirty minutes lunch break.
The weather was very cold and when I packed up the session I went up to the desks and I asked Emma if there was anything that needed doing only out of loyalty and politeness. Emma said as I did not finish for another hour I could do some laminating. To be honest If I had been in charge I would have said No John you have been outside in the cold all day thanks go home and get warm.
Emma Gardener is not to blame for this as I feel she has been pressured from above. I should have said no and gone home but I didn’t.

In this last summer break I was given one day in the week and several Sundays plus Bank Holiday Monday. I felt this was wrong and the new larger team would mean that the days were shared out evenly.

I admit I should have brought this to the attention of the learning team at the time.

When I had thought hard about the situation I resigned from the delivering position.

I was told by Alison Cox on sending an e mail stating my feelings that I should have mentioned it. I agreed but some of the wording such as “you never complained about working weekends before” I felt insulting. I did not complain because the team was smaller and also we had two learning deliverers on weekends.

The fact that the Sundays and bank holiday Monday I would virtually be alone and in charge and have no learning team back up this is a big responsibility.
Remember we still only get the same rate of pay for such a responsibility.

Regarding Art in the Park in Leamington Spa

I told Susan Watt I would volunteer to help.
I had tried hard to get there as a volunteer to help Compton Verney.
I could not make it and felt I had let Sue down but when I found out that two people had been paid £25 and hour for handing out leaflets I was pretty annoyed.

I feel now right or wrong that the management wanted me to resign?

I had the meeting on the 12th September with Alison Cox because I just want to know what happened. I also wanted to read out to her everything that is stated here.

During the meeting with Alsion Cox her responses although she listened and was apologetic stating none of this was intentional. I do not really think she grasped my true feelings. Alison apologised and said she was sorry I felt the way I did. I do not feel the situation was resolved.

I still volunteer at Compton Verney.
I have done everything that has been asked of me in volunteering.

I have been Henry VIII, A soldier Napoleonic, A soldier WWII, A rabbit, and the Mad Hatter.

Now today I feel awkward and embarrassed as a learning team volunteer I will be producing items so the new deliverers you have employed to do my job, can do my job.

I feel angry, I feel sad and I feel betrayed.
To be honest I am totally shocked at what has happened in my situation.

Meeting with Alison Cox

Regarding the meeting with Alsion said shall we go to chat in the café over a coffee?
I said I don’t think I want other people to hear what I have to say.

I asked Alison if there was anything she wanted to say to me first.
Alison said that I had always done a good job you.
I asked if there was anything I have done wrong?
She replied that I had taken a picture on hatter day of child in top hat and posted it on social media.

I informed Alison that this was one of the team Little Alice and they had requested a photograph. It was with my own phone but you could not see the childs face as the hat was pulled well down over her eyes.

Alison  apologised.

I went on to ask about the lack of communication regarding new deliverers employment.
Alison  apologised.

I eventually read out most of what is written here.
Alison could see how upset I was but I don’t really think she felt any responsibility.

I explained I had been given hardly any work and Alison said it was not intentional.

Alison asked if I felt aggrieved because I should have had first dibs.
I felt this insult.

Alison asked if I wanted to be more appreciated.
Again I felt this insulting.

We all want to be appreciated but respected is a better term to my mind.

In the end I just told Alison of my utter disappointment with the learning team.
Again she apologised and said it was not meant and said Sorry many times.

She kept saying I am sorry you feel this way.

She asked me what I wanted. I said I just wanted Compton Verney to feel my disappointment.

She said she could see it and would relay the messages but I don’t think she will.

I am writing all this because I want the Compton Verney management to see and understand my disappointment .

At present I am continuing to volunteer but I am considering stopping this after ten and a half  years.

John Bishop.


Thursday 19th September 2019

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Today I went as a volunteer to Austin Heath and took the Compton  Verney Tea experience along with Eion and Sue. We did tea tasting and blind tea tasting and some painting using sticks and various shades of tea. Although I enjoyed it and the people there were very nice to me it was really not my cup of tea. Excuse the pun.

Its a place beyond my income scale if I were to live a life all over again I would never be able to afford to live in such opulence and unadulterated padding and luxury.

It was just a against every principle of my RED based socialist bone in my body. I guess if you have the money and the feeling of privilege you can except what they offer. I am not sure I could.

Austin Heath is a place where you can enjoy the best of both worlds – luxury, contemporary, living at the heart of ‘Shakespeare’s England’. Just a short distance from Warwick’s famous castle, Austin Heath offers a haven of tranquillity with 118 exclusive homes plus 49 sumptuous village centre apartments, panorama and penthouses, not to mention some exceptional facilities. So, whether you’re enjoying a family meal in the brasserie restaurant, or a soak in the Jacuzzi; getting out and about on a woodland walk, or just putting your feet up in the garden – we bring friends and families together in an area that Lonely Planet called ‘one of the best places to visit in Europe’.

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Wednesday 18th September 2019

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Olympiakos 2 Spurs 2

Just as in the 2-2 draw at Arsenal, Pochettino’s side were cruising towards half-time with a commanding lead and were as close as possible to silencing Olympiakos’ infamous ‘Gate 7’ ultras. But just as they were beginning to resemble an experienced Champions League side – the type of team that wins these treacherous away games without really deserving to – they conceded seconds before the interval, squandering the momentum entirely. Winger Podence is a hidden gem but he was given far too much space to burst from deep and fire across Hugo Lloris.

It was the time when Spurs should have been shutting up shop but Ben Davies and Jan Vertonghen were both caught upfield. With the wind in their sails and the raucous crowd behind them, it was no great surprise when Olympiakos equalised ten minutes after the interval, Valbuena sending Lloris the wrong way after he was fouled by Vertonghen.

Olympiacos FC v Tottenham Hotspur: Group B - UEFA Champions Leagueprocess

Like at Arsenal, Spurs did well to stem the tide and they looked the more likely winners late on – a Lloris flap aside – when substitutes Heung-min Son and Erik Lamela menaced the Greeks’ weary defence. But Spurs should never have been in a position of needing to rally and it all came down to the sloppy first goal. Manager Mauricio Pochettino will understandably be frustrated and will be asking himself why the same thing has happened twice in two weeks.

Vertonghen, who has entered the final year of his contract, was caught too high for Podence’s crucial strike as the Portuguese ghosted between him and Davies before firing past Lloris. Valbuena made a spectacular meal of the penalty incident but it was a clumsy and needless foul, and Vertonghen should have known better.


He is now 32 – no spring chicken – and he started the season being frozen out by Pochettino, before injuries forced a rethink. On this evidence, Vertonghen is still getting up to speed, so do not be surprised to see a partnership of Sanchez and Toby Alderweireld against Leicester on Saturday.

Lucas Moura scored another brilliant Champions League goal to enhance his reputation as a European specialist and a man for the big nights under lights.

The Brazilian’s exploits in Amsterdam need no retelling, of course, but he impressed for Spurs throughout last season’s dreamlike run to the final and also scored crucial goal against PSV Eindhoven and Barcelona.


With the Karaiskakis Stadium still recovering from Kane’s penalty, Lucas collected Davies’ well-weighted pass and curled a beautiful strike past Jose Sa. Whether it is a question of system or style or simply feel, Lucas looks more at home for Spurs in Europe than he does in the Premier League and it would make sense for Pochettino to save him for these nights in future.

Ndombele seemed to take the longest to acclimatise to the occasion and atmosphere, repeatedly giving the ball away cheaply in the first 20 minutes. He never really looked comfortable in possession and was replaced by Moussa Sissoko midway through the second half. Ndombele is clearly a talent but he will take time to get up to speed in this Spurs side.

Tuesday 17th September 2019

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Monday 16th September 2019

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Sunday 15th September 2019

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Steelers 26 Seahawks 28

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field by a score of 28-26, moving them to 2-0 on the season. Here are five takeaways from another narrow victory over an AFC North team.


The Seahawks offensive line was victimized for most of the first half, giving up four sacks in that time frame. The Steelers defensive line has a few solid playmakers, but Seattle’s unit must perform better than this against future opponents. Germain Ifedi had a few false start penalties to hamper the Seahawks in key moments and Ethan Pocic had a hold that negated a big completion to Tyler Lockett. The unit improved in the second half, but they must find consistency. Dissly had a solid game with five receptions for 50 yards and two touchdowns. The second-year tight end should see more opportunities come his way in the near future as he displayed a strong connection with Wilson in this game. Seattle could certainly use more offensive production from its tight ends, and Dissly looks like he can assist with that.


An 82.9 completion percentage, 300 passing yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions for the Seahawks’ franchise quarterback. In addition to the aforementioned touchdowns to Dissly, Wilson threw a TD to rookie wide receiver DK Metcalf on a third and 3 that made the score 28-19 in Seattle’s favor. He also broke off several big QB runs with the game on the line. Another strong performance from Wilson.

After making a few key plays in Seattle’s Week 1 victory over Cincinnati, Carson had two costly fumbles Sunday that could have cost his team the game. The second fumble was particularly egregious as it set up a Steelers touchdown on the next play, letting Pittsburgh back into the game at 28-26. The Seahawks will still feed him the ball more often than Rashaad Penny (who had a touchdown run) but he now has three fumbles in two games. Not too encouraging. However…


Just like last week, Carson came through for the Seahawks when they needed him to. He ran for the game-winning first down on a fourth and 1 with under two minutes in regulation, and the play call to go for it worked in their favor. Pete Carroll and his coaching staff should be commended for this decision, as it helped the Seahawks clinch the win.

Saturday 14th September 2019

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Spurs 4 Palace 0

Heung-min Son scored twice as Spurs turned on the style to thrash Crystal Palace 4-0 at the Spurs Stadium.


The Korean opened his account for the season with a left-footed finish after 10 minutes and Spurs doubled their advantage midway through the first half after an own goal from Patrick van Aanholt. Son grabbed his second of the day just a minute later, volleying home superbly from Serge Aurier’s cross before Erik Lamela rounded off the first-half rout after a fine team move.

Mauricio Pochettino decided to bring Serge Aurier back into the starting lineup for the first time since February, while Roy Hodgson made two changes with Andros Townsend and Mamadou Sakho replacing James McArthur and Martin Kelly.


Spurs came quickly out of the blocks and could’ve scored twice in the first minute, with Son looking sharp.
And Palace soon found themselves a goal down. Toby Alderweireld launched a pinpoint 50-yard ball over the top to the Korean, who brought it down beautifully and with a touch inside struck beyond Vicente Guaita.

Spurs were pressing high and forcing the visitors into mistakes, and moved further clear just 10 minutes later. Aurier fizzed in a dangerous cross and van Aanholt could only divert it beyond his own goalkeeper to extend the advantage.

Within a minute, the game was all but over. Aurier was the provider once again, whipping a deep corner to the far post and Son with excellent technique, struck beyond Guaita with a super first-time volley.


The hosts were absolutely dominant in possession and their attacking play and capped a tremendous first-half performance with an excellent team goal. Moussa Sissoko exchanged passes with Son and threaded it wide to Kane, who found Lamela waiting at the far post and he finished beyond Guaita.

With Spurs in control and Palace trying to limit the damage, the second half was a drab affair as the hosts cruised to victory to move to third in the Premier League table.