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Thursday 21st November 2019

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50 Years ago today 21st November 1969
Recorded May–September 1969 at Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London, England

To Our Children’s Children’s Children the fifth album by The Moody Blues, released on 21st November 1969. While the extracted single, “Watching and Waiting,” did not do well in that market, To Our Children’s Children’s Children was critically well-received and sold well, reaching number 2 in the UK albums chart and number 14 in the US. The album was mixed and released in both stereo and quadraphonic. The album was one of those listened to, on cassette tape, by the crew of Apollo 15 in 1971.20191121_095744Apollo_15_crew

Friedrich Nietzsche

Eternal return also known as eternal recurrence is a theory that the universe and all existence and energy has been recurring, and will continue to recur, in a self-similar form an infinite number of times across infinite time or space. The theory is found in Indian philosophy and in ancient Egypt as well as Judaic wisdom literature (Ecclesiastes) and was subsequently taken up by the Pythagoreans and Stoics. With the decline of antiquity and the spread of Christianity, the theory largely fell into disuse in the Western world, with the exception of 19th Century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who connected the thought to many of his other concepts, including amor fati. Eternal return relates to the philosophy of predeterminism in that people are predestined to continue repeating the same events over and over again.


K Pax 

Prot : I want to tell you something Mark, something you do not yet know, that we K-PAXians have been around long enough to have discovered. The universe will expand, then it will collapse back on itself, then will expand again. It will repeat this process forever. What you don’t you know is that when the universe expands again, everything will be as it is now. Whatever mistakes you make this time around, you will live through on your next pass. Every mistake you make, you will live through again, & again, forever. So my advice to you is to get it right this time around. Because this time is all you have.



Ouroboros derives from a Greek word meaning “tail-devourer.” While the word is not attested in English until the 1940s, the concept of the ouroboros is very ancient, used across many cultures as a symbol of cosmic harmony, eternity, and the cycle of birth and death.

The earliest known ouroboros symbol comes in a 14th-century BCE Egyptian religious text found in the tomb of King Tutankhamen. The symbol appears in a passage about the origin of the sun god Ra through a union with the death god Osiris, meant to illustrate creation through destruction. Ancient Egyptians also used the ouroboros to symbolize the flooding of the Nile, which occurred in seasonal cycles and was of great importance to ancient Egyptian agriculture and society. Other ancient cultures also incorporated the ouroboros symbol. Norse legend tells of the great serpent, Jörmungandr, who encircles the earth and bites its own tail. Hindu cosmology features an ouroboros as helping to prop up the Earth.

The ouroboros was specifically adopted by Gnostic philosophers in the 2nd century BCE. For them, it symbolized the dual nature of existence, marked by life and death, male and female, light and dark, mortality and divinity, or Earth and heaven. Alchemists notably used the ouroboros, too, to represent the element Mercury, believed to permeate and unite all matter. A drawing of the ouroboros can be found in one of the earliest alchemical texts, The Chrysopoeia of Cleopatra, from the 3rd century CE.

Fast forward to 1865, when the ouroboros was reportedly the inspiration for German chemist August Kekulé von Stradonitz in his discovery of the linked carbon ring structure of a benzene molecule. Late 19th-, early 20th-century psychiatrist Carl Jung considered the ouroboros a psychological archetype, representing the subconscious desire to consume oneself and continually be reborn. A friend and translator of Jung, English psychiatrist Helton Godwin Baynes introduced ouroboros into English with his 1940 study of schizophrenia: “The uroborus symbol represents our psychic continuity with the immemorial past.”

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Wednesday 20th November 2019

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Had no electric all day due to Mr Hockaday implementing his right to a Wayleave Termination on the electricity route over what is now his land. According to the gang leader it has not cost the Councillor a penny of tens of thousands of pounds.

He also had a large oak tree taken down in the corner of The Field to improve his view. But this leaves the field well exposed to seeing his big house.



Tuesday 19th November 2019

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PHD Proposal   

John Bishop

Is Art the Last Stronghold of Elitism?


In this world of all inclusiveness I feel that it still does not relate to the art world.
I will examine if what I feel is true or if the art world has changed.
Is the fine art world a mere extension of commercial art? That means making money of the backs of artisans and creating a small group of super elite.
This means making money for the rich being above the content of the work.

Has Art Become All Inclusive?
Is illustration still not acceptable as real art?
Is Outsider Art acceptable as real art?
If the artwork has no meaning is it simply just decoration?
What is Art for Arts Sake?

Secondary to these things I will look at art therapy. I will examine if it does any good or harm.

Being all inclusive with children regarding art do we praise them too much?

Do we give the impression of being all inclusive when in fact the art world is still run for the elite to make vast amounts of profit off the backs of the artist?

I have been involved as a learning deliverer at a major art gallery for four and a half years.

During this period I have been involved in exhibitions involving many different conceptions of what art is or is not.

I have been involved with many students who say they cannot do art.
And I have been involved with many students who think they are artists.

Is being accepted as an artist simply a matter of circumstances, confidence, bravado, money, support, upbringing, can it be all of these or something else?

I intend to take these questions and really attempt to answer what after all is a series of questions where the answers may or may not matter at all.

Research background and questions

Art school is no longer a place to be taught.
Art school appears to be a place to explore your methods and not learn skills.
Previous artists or artisans were schooled in method and technique.
I will examine how artists today get in the door.
My own art practice is multi layered and involves painting, 3d and performance.
I will look at my situation in relation to the art world.

Research methods

I will look at many artists who have made it and those who are outsider artists from today and the past.

Schedule of work

The schedule would involve interviewing artists, Illustrators, Graphic artists, fine artists, non artists, students and those who still feel they are outside the accepted fine art elite.


Sunday 17th November 2019

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Saturday 16th November 2019

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Friday 15th November 2019

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I am a little concerned with the position of this cable. As when its dark in the lane the cable is difficult to see.




Thursday 14th November 2019

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