Tuesday 26th November 2019


Ariel Schlesinger

With an inventor’s imagination and a razor-sharp wit, Ariel Schlesinger creates new uses for mundane, utilitarian objects—like paper, cigarette lighters, and socks—animating things that are normally considered lifeless, if considered at all. Through his clever alterations, he personifies objects, drawing attention to their strangely moving fragility and beauty. In The Anguish of the White Page 2007, he places two sheets of white copy paper, whose corners are pressed against each other, on a low wooden table with a motor hidden underneath. Rotated by the motor, the papers spin in a slow, continuous circle, as if locked in a sad dance without beginning or end. In other whimsically inventive works, a single ash burns in seeming perpetuity in a cracked ashtray and an unsealed and soggy cardboard box somehow contains a puddle of water.


Scissors Cut

Jimmy Webb

“If they ever drop the bomb,” you said,
“I’ll find you in the flames.”
But now we act like people
Who don’t know each other’s names.

Well, sometimes it makes me sad, you know.
Sometimes it makes me smile.
‘Cause you know how the game goes, honey.
We all eat it once in awhile.

Scissors cut, paper covers rock
Breaks the shining scissor
You hurt me
I hurt her and she goes and we will miss her

Now, I look around at people
Playing children’s games.
And I wonder if you’re still thinking
You might find me somewhere in the flames.

Scissors cut, paper covers rock
Breaks the shining scissor
You hurt me
I hurt her and she goes and we will miss her


Spurs 4 Olympiakos 2

Alli finished with a goal and an assist, while Kane scored twice to become the fastest player in history to reach 20 Champions League goals – in just 24 appearances – as Spurs recovered from 2-0 down to qualify for the last-16 with a game to spare.

Kane and Alli have both shone since Jose Mourinho succeeded Mauricio Pochettino a week ago, also impressing in the 3-2 win at West Ham in the Portuguese’s first match in charge.

After playing deeper last season, Alli has been restored to a No10 role by Mourinho and the 23-year-old says playing next to centre-forward Kane is easy.
“It’s amazing playing with Harry,” said Alli. “He’s an amazing guy and a top player. Everyone knows how good he is and I’m not surprised he broke another record. For me, he’s always been in the category with the best in the world.


“When you’re playing behind him, all you need to do is feed him the ball and he’ll score. It makes my job a lot easier. He does a lot of work off the ball which is amazing. We connect well, ever since I joined really.

“When you’re playing with a player like that, you don’t have to think too much about where they’re going. You just have to look at the space and look at his movement and it’s easier to tell where he’s heading: towards the goal.”


Spurs were dreadful in the first half but they were gifted a lifeline when Yassine Meriah’s horrendous air-kick gifted Alli a simple finish in stoppage time.

Dele on Dier substitution: I was awful, any player could have come off
After the break, Lucas Moura crossed for Kane after some quick thinking from a heroic ball-boy and Serge Aurier, and Alli set-up the Ivorian before Kane completed the comeback with a glancing header from Christian Eriksen’s free-kick.

“Basically, Mourinho told us at half-time we couldn’t get any worse,” Alli revealed. “We knew that already. And he said that we had to go out in the second half with freedom, be calmer on the ball, play the way we know we can and we did that.


“We knew what we had to do. In the end, it was a great positive result. I think it was down to character and belief, the quality we have in the squad. Personally, I felt like I was at fault for their second goal and I wanted to help the team.

“To get the goal just before half-time gave us the momentum going into the second half. I think we showed our quality in the second half.

“I felt good,” he added. “I’ve felt good all season since coming back from injury. I’ve been doing a lot of work in the gym and on the training field. It was all about building a base, giving myself the opportunity to play well. I feel like I’m still improving, I’ll keep looking to do that.”


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