Thursday 6th February 2020


Once again I felt very uncomfortable at Compton Verney today I really have to make a proper decision on my feelings. We LD had our induction separate from induction week. which we were told we could attend as an unpaid volunteers.

Meeting CV February 6th 2020

I think I’m too old for this
I’m understanding but not sure if I care
Grumpy old man comes to mind
Body image
Body parts
Phallic velvet
It all sticks in my craw a little bit
No e in Newcomb but I can see one
I tried to protect my pain today
I sat very still and kept my mind closed along with my mouth
Take it easy
Stay calm
Rest the pain
Make an exit plan
Close the door on my way out
And don’t make a fuss

Later in the afternoon I lost control
And my old union head took over my mouth
Work to rule
No more favours for less respect
I really must stop this situation from hurting me anymore

John Bish 6/2/2020



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