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Saturday 21st March 2020

Posted in Life the Universe and Other Things on March 21, 2020 by bishshat


‘Signs’ Intervention

The world has chosen to intervene maybe?
God has chosen to intervene maybe not?
The government says
Be responsible when you shop and think of others
The selfish will always be selfish
The greedy will remain greedy
Pull together in adversity means for some
“Fuck you I see a chance to cash in here”.
We have to protect ourselves and our loved ones
From this outside intervention and the crooks
They will always look after number one
They will continue to build their castles
Signs for them say yes, yes, yes
Wringing there hands and making plans
They see gold in the chaos
Loopholes of opportunity
While the weak fall and die
They grin and sip their Champagne
With the air of an untouchable

John Bish

World Poetry Day 21/03/2020