Monday 15th June 2020

2222 (2)
The Parsifal Effect

My dreams are in slices
As if cut by the strings of celestial music
I hate being old
Even though I’ve been old for a while
I hate being under the sentence of death
Even though I have been sentenced at birth
I hate being under the sentence of pain
Even though pain is assured
I hate being under the sentence of oblivion
Under the sentence of grief
Under the sentence of loss
Under the sentence of being alone
Apollo has me by the horns
And he holds the sun
And the moon of my life

John Bish 14th June 2020

The Parsifal effect is based on mythology and fiction. It is something that is used to describe a creepy chilly feeling.

Parsifal reached the castle of the holy grail twice – the first time as a naive person, and the second time as an enlightened one, who was well aware of what was expected of him.  It is as if the mind walks on an elastic surface rather than on snow – our influence does not last, and is annulled over time.

Parsifal is a young man who is a “pure fool”, which means that he is an innocent, good man who slowly starts to understand the world.



Parsifal is a naive, young man who was raised in the woods by his protective mother, Herzeleide. He never knew his father who was killed in battle before Parsifal was born. One day Parsifal saw a passing retinue of knights and decided he wanted to be like them. He followed the knights and abandoned his mother, who in turn died of sorrow. Armed with a homemade bow and a desire to see the world, Parsifal wandered the wilderness, proudly looking after himself.

Innocent, ignorant and filled with youthful exuberance, he recklessly shoots a sacred swan out of the sky, leading to an encounter with the knights of the Holy Grail which will change his life forever.

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