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Sunday 6th September 2020

Posted in Life the Universe and Other Things on September 6, 2020 by bishshat


As I age I am struggling with a purpose
When I was younger I struggled too
But youth is so busy being you don’t notice so much
Now I try to see a reason for it all
Even though I am sure there isn’t one
We are just here because were here
So many moments of life are spent in oblivion
And life is made of moments
The one in the now is the only one
Our past does define us in a way
Our upbringing too makes us what we were yesterday
Then on a spin we are forced to see another path
Moments can do this
Such a tiny life
Such a lot of wasted moments
Something sacred is that what we seek?
The only purpose I can really grasp is we have to be kind
Even if we suffer greatly for it we have to be kind
Our path in life is so dark and we often stumble
Is kindness enough though?
If we are too busy we can often be unkind to ourselves
Our moments made us
Others moments made us
It’s all so big and important when we are young
Now the importance is a dream a ghost
I try hard to make the purpose a treasure for those close to me
I treasure my moments spent in their company
But all is just so brief
Wasted moments that you didn’t take
Stupid reckless moments that you did take
Life is a dangerous moment
I am I hope a treasure in someone else’s moments
I want it so much for there to be a purpose
But it’s over far too quickly to even know an answer
To take the moment
To let the moment go
To just watch the moments in others
But to share the moment really share it
Surly this is an answer
So many moments of life are spent in oblivion

John Bish 6th September 2020