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Monday 8th February 2021

Posted in Life the Universe and Other Things on February 8, 2021 by bishshat

The Fabric That Embraces Us All

See these words within this lace
They are millennial
Interwoven with a universal truth
From the start to the finish
It’s the fabric that embraces us all

You alone add the words
The words that make you
And you alone

John Bish 8th February 2021

My Reflection In Lockdown III

This 3rd lockdown is not good for my complexion
329 days without sunshine or proper fresh air
No amount of vitamin B supplement
Can give me the dose I need
I looked in the mirror this morning
And to be truthful I wasn’t there
My skin looked transparent
I was opaque
I looked like my father
When my mom requested
I go with her to see him in the morgue
In fact he looked better than I do now
My mom said he looked well
I disagreed with her silently
Up until this morning
Maybe I am dead too
Maybe I’m a spirit
A spook, I certainly look like one
I’ve never seen anyone this pale
Maybe I’m albino
Maybe I can claim something from the government
For what they have done to me
And today!
The authorities told me not to go out
Because of the snow
-10 may induce a heart attack
Jesus I dare not go out
I may get a carrot stuck in my face
Or even put up my arse for that
Has far more colour to it than my face
Its dangerous out in the snow
A snow plough might scoop me into the gutter
Mistaking me for a drift
FFS I need to get out
I’m fading away body and spirit
I’ve only got my soul to go
And that may have a carrot shoved up it
If I’m not careful

John Bish February 8th 2021