Sunday 21st February 2021

The Field and findings today 21st February 2021. Piece of glass would have been from Walfox Brand Clear Glass Medicine Bottle With Running Fox Logo. The Walfox brand was a public, pharmaceutical prescription company, with products sold in all pharmacies and general stores in the UK. The company became famous for their high quality branded glass bottles and metal dispensory tins. The wall-shelf was accessible to retailers who distributed Walfox products. Walfox Ltd (later Howard Lloyd and Co), Batley. 1928-1992, manufacturing chemist

Thinking about the Black Square

Kazimir Malevich 1913/15

I don’t understand the seeking of a void
The void will come all too soon
I need a narrative, substance not a void
Meditation is a struggle
I can’t do it
Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square ‘0.10’
I can understand a little
The rejection of rational thought
Chaos brings a void
I would not look closely
Once seen I would not need to see it again
Ad Reinhardt’s Abstract Painting No. 5 1962
I don’t get it?
Abstract works are created on a different spectrum to me
Give me poetry and Lyrics music with a narrative
A hook into the real world
Jazz for instance
I don’t get it?
It does nothing for me it’s just a noise
We all look and feel things differently
Colour, texture, light and shade
Loss and sorrow
Love and being loved
A sexual experience just for the experience
With someone who did not want me
I don’t get it?
I need context and depth
The void is not enough for me
I guess I just need to know why

John Bish February 21st 2021

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