Monday 22nd February 2021

Parking Charge Notice: 3069887

Thank you for your email dated 20th February.

We advise that the Warwick Hospital car park operates as a pay on exit system for all car park users including blue badge holders. This is clearly stated on the car park signage. The car park is operated on an Automatic Number Plate Recognition system therefore the camera will pick up your vehicle registration entering and exiting the car park.

Before exiting the car park, you need to visit the pay stations located within the car park to pay for parking, you will need to enter your vehicle registration into the machine and this will inform you how long your vehicle has been parked for and how much payment is required for your stay. Payment for parking is then made, this will then communicate with our camera operated ANPR system. The barriers system is no longer in operation and has been removed from the car park. As no payment for parking was made, the Parking Charge Notice was correctly issued. We can confirm that the following parking charge notice has been paid, therefore liability has been accepted. We are no longer able to look into your appeal any further, as payment has been accepted.
Dear Sir

I am writing to make you aware of a situation that occurred whilst attending an emergency out of hours appointment on Thursday 13th February 2021.
I had a terrible swelling and pain in my face.
I at first went to the pharmacy to see if they could help me.
I went alone due to the Covid 19 restrictions.

I was told to call 111 and they advised an out of hours appointment at Warwick Hospital ASAP.
I was contacted by the doctors and told to come to the arranged appointment and park opposite A&E and not under any circumstance leave the car or come into the reception they would come and fetch me.
I arrived at the hospital again alone. I noticed that the barriers were up. I did not notice that they had been removed.
I honestly thought it was because of the Covid situation and the car park was pretty empty.

I waited in my car as instructed and they called me in i saw the doctors and they gave me antibiotics and I left wanting to get back home safe and secure.
I took all the necessary steps to be safe and away from contacts and covid safe
By this time my pain and distress was worse due to the air temperature on the day.
so I headed home.

18th February I was issued with a car park fine of £85.
I paid this as I am an honest law abiding citizen. also I did not want to incur further costs as threatened with.
I know how difficult it is to deal with these people.

I appealed explaining the circumstances only to be told my appeal was refused.
I spoke to a lady named TASH the lady refused to give me a surname. I spoke on ☎- 01789 293273 this was today 22nd February 2021 only to be told that my appeal was refused and as I had paid I could not appeal again.
I honestly feel I have been unfairly and harshly treated by the car park people. I have loads of respect for NHS staff as I have had four heart attacks and been more than grateful for the work you do.
To be honest again I feel I have been robbed by gangsters.
My appeal dismissed with due care of my circumstances and covid rules swept away. I would have had to wonder about sick and in pain in order to find the proper pay station and I repeat I was doing all i could to stay safe and keep others safe.

I appeal to you to get the justice I feel I am due.

Dear Councillor Zahawi

Just wanted to bring this to your attention.

I had to visit Warwick hospital an emergency out of hour’s doctor and after I had first been to pharmacy and then called 911 they gave me an appointment slot.
I was told to stay in my car under no circumstance leave it to enter the lobby and they would come and fetch me due to pandemic.
I entered the car park and as there were no barriers I thought the Covid 19 situation must be in operation.
I admit I thought it strange but as I was so ill and in so much pain I took little notice.
I stayed in my car they came and fetched me maybe 30 mins. I saw the doctors and I went back to my car and drove home.
I just wanted to get home and safe.
Now I have been fined £85 for not paying on exit.
I appealed and this has been squashed.
I cannot appeal again as I have paid the fine like the honest citizen I am.
Where is the justice?

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