Wednesday 24th February 2021

The City Boy

Although my roots are firmly in the soil here.
They really are.
I never feel at home.
I never feel welcome or that I belong here.
My matriarchal feminine soul was sparked here.
Only 12 miles from where I have lived for over 20 years.
But I’m a city boy.
The Bracebridge family moved with the Industrial Revolution north west leaving behind them the fields and farms.
The haystacks and barns.
They navigated their way in only a few decades like many a wanting family to a city.
Birmingham where they took up trades as loch keepers and policemen, soldiers, sailors and intertwined with like minded folk they became citizens of the metropolis. There in smoke and fire and honest toil I was delivered.
The countryside in my soul
War and fire in my blood.
A Warwickshire child
A city boy
Beyond the frail wire fences of the urban gardens the countryside lay.
On my return to the rural idle I am unacceptable.
My accent rings bells.
Minds close and sometimes I long to return to the hustle and bustle of what I know to be home

John bish 24th February 2021

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