Monday 29th March 2021

The Spiritual Meaning Of The Super Worm Moon

Spring is now in session, and things are moving quickly. Considering it is Aries season, and Aries is governed by go-getter Mars — the planet of assertion, initiation, and energy — this very much goes hand in hand. The spiritual meaning of the March 2021 full moon, however, is speaking to the delicate balance between yin and yang; the sacred equilibrium of the divine feminine and sacred masculine.

Aries fights for its individuality with passion, while Libra meets another halfway, taking the more diplomatic route. More importantly, Venus will be sitting at exactly 8 degrees, forming a pivotal and significantly healing conjunction with the sun and the wounded healer, Chiron, in Aries. With the moon sitting across the way at 8 degrees Libra, hidden themes revolving around balance, relationships, finances, and perhaps even one’s love language will be revealed.

Something else ironic about this is, Libra is symbolic of the sacred balance that exists between the divine feminine and sacred masculine, and this lunar phase is no exception. Aries is symbolic of one’s sense of self, individual identity, and levels of assertion; Libra has everything to do with the relationships, compromise, and justice. When you sum it all up — the moon being emotional, the sun representing your ego in the physical dimension, and Chiron acknowledging past wounds — you can see that there’s a lot more to this lunation than meets the eye.

This full moon is shedding light on deep-rooted emotions and residual energies that could be potentially triggering, especially when it comes to things that make you feel vulnerable. However, this is where your power lies, and these Aries placements are here to help you find the will and courage to overcome whatever’s been holding you back. Though Aries wants to take action toward its passions, while Libra connects and relates to others, Mars conjunct the North Node in Gemini is encouraging you to discern the difference between the facts versus the emotional trigger.

Make no mistake, there’s a lot of work to be done in the weeks leading up to and after this lunation. Something that’s been buried deep in your unconscious mind — with regard to relationships, passion, and self-love — is coming up for review, and chances are you’ve already begun doing the work. It’s also important to remember that both Venus and Mercury are transiting through signs where they feel challenged, but there’s no need to be discouraged. In the meantime, reflect and consider the following: What kind of foundation have your relationships been built upon? How can you show up for others and yourself, simultaneously?

The March Super Moon

Without the moon the sky would be a very lonely place.

For one thing the night would be so much darker.

And I doubt we would be held on a steady course.

Without the moon the sky would be a very lonely place.

The stars would still shine I guess.

But without that moon that steady partner throughout all our days and nights.

We would surely be more alone I know it.

I get such a thrill even now when I see it sitting there.

So beautiful.

A wonderful reflected light.

Like this moon.

You hold me in a special way.

I cannot define it.

Without you my life would also be a lonely place.

Like the sky without the moon.

I would lack the light that keeps me here.

John bish 29/ march 2021

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