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Thursday 6th June 2019

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Wednesday 5th June 2019

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Monday 3rd June 2019

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Vladimir Mayakovsky

It’s after one. You’ve likely gone to sleep.
The Milky Way streams silver, an Oka through the night.
I don’t hurry, I don’t need to wake you
Or bother you with lightning telegrams.
Like they say, the incident is closed.
Love’s little boat has crashed on daily life.
We’re even, you and I. No need to account
For mutual sorrows, mutual pains and wrongs.
Look: How quiet the world is.
Night cloaks the sky with the tribute of the stars.
At times like these, you can rise, stand, and speak
To history, eternity, and all creation.



If you were a deep pool
I would dive your depths
I would search out your hidden places
And lay forever drowned
In the warmth of your embrace

John Bish 5th June 2019


Saturday 1st June 2019

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Screenshot 2019-06-04 11.39.43

Y ella es flama que se eleva
Y es un pjaro a volar
En la noche que se incendia,
Estrella de oscuridad

Que busca entre la tiniebla
La dulce hoguera del beso
Quema el amor es sus labios
El infierno es este cielo


A Poem For His Birthday June 1st 2019

No field today
I must make a trip to see my son
He shares my birthday as usual
He has matched me every 1st of June for thirty years
I hold myself in contempt and this breed’s anxiety
The day is hot, there is a BBQ and my lost family are in fancy dress
The searing heat seems to hover over the whole party
The sun scorches everything there is very little shade
My grandchildren are in attendance
Noah is sleeping
Oliver takes a bite from my cake eating only the icing
I stay only a couple of hours and drive home
Spurs were on TV
What would have been a special birthday treat? Ended in seconds
Penalties spoil most things but birthdays most of all
I am shivering and this birthday seems harder than the last
Another birthday passes and I go on
Then the weather changes it rains and I have to put the heating on

John Bish June 1st 2019


The final was a great disappointment not that Spurs lost in a way of course but it was such a poor game.Passes backwards does my fucking head in.  Spurs kept doing it.

Kane should not have started the team that did so well in the semi and quarter should have started which would have been vibrant and rewarded in my opinion with kane on the bench, Momentum would have been a good key.

Then there was the penalty decision that killed it dead, this is very often the case.

An extraordinary penalty controversy inside the first 30 seconds of the Champions League final has handed Liverpool the dream start.
With just 21 seconds on the clock, Spurs midfielder Moussa Sissoko was judged to have handled the ball inside his own area after Sadio Mane scooped the ball up looking for a teammate.


The whistle had barely blown for kickoff when the referee pointed to the spot. VAR quickly checked to see if the call was correct and saw no obvious error so Mohamed Salah stepped up to the spot with an opportunity to land a remarkable opening blow.

It appeared TO ME that the Liverpool Sadio Mane deliberately kicked the ball on to the stuck out arm that Moussa Sissoko hung out forever that was waiting to be hit the ball was even travelling away from the goal? So depressingly dull Liverpool were half the team they had been all season and Spurs just did not go after them enough.


14242640-7094621-image-a-50_155941903614015594175598719champions-league-final-010619zzrSEI_71050216sei710492360_Tottenham-Hotspur-v-Liverpool-UEFA-Champions-League-Final-Wanda-MetropolitanoScreenshot 2019-06-02 13.10.43Screen_Shot_2019-06-02_at_3.09.39_AM_720x

It was an otherwise turgid affair apart from the appearance of Kinsey Wolanski in sweltering conditions in the Spanish capital. How did she even get a fucking ticket?

Poor Harry Winks. Poor poor Spurs.

And she’s a rising flame
And she’s a bird in flight
In the burning of the night
A star of darkness
Searches within the deepest fog
The sweet warmth of a kiss
As love brands on her lips
Hell is this heaven

Friday 31st May 2019

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I’m On Fire

Bruce Springsteen

Hey, little girl, is your daddy home?
Did he go and leave you all alone?
I got a bad desire
Oh-oh-oh, I’m on fire

Tell me now, baby, is he good to you?
And can he do to you the things that I do? Oh, no
I can take you higher
Oh-oh-oh, I’m on fire

Sometimes it’s like someone took a knife, baby, edgy and dull
And cut a six-inch valley through the middle of my skull
At night I wake up with the sheets soaking wet
And a freight train running through the middle of my head
Only you can cool my desire
Oh-oh-oh, I’m on fire


Wednesday 29th May 2019

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Tuesday 28th May 2019

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I saw this picture today I was REALLY shocked.


The Nemesis of Heaven

A Summit fever has struck us
Excessive pride and a defiance of the gods
Has lead to a queue before that last step to heaven
A superiority complex has driven us to mock the planet
We shake privilege in your face
We think ourselves Infallible
We have lost our way
Goddess Mother of Mountains forgive our hubris

John Bish 28th May 2019